A beguiling mix of aching folktronica and soaring pop sensibilities that’s as considered and layered as it is immediately infectious - this is the sound of FLAWES. Almost as soon as they formed, they hit a wave of success and acclaim before the hype machine could even get warmed up.

Formed on the foundation of the childhood friendship of frontman Josh Carruthers (JC) and drummer Josh Hussey (Huss), the London-via-Huddersfield trio came together in a moment of serendipity in 2015. JC, itching to spread his wings and launch a new project to escape the life of a musician for hire, got in touch with Huss and hooked up with renowned guitarist Freddie Edwards via mutual friends. At their first rehearsal, everything clicked.

Within a few months, they’d found their sound and were playing to thousands on impressive support slots. Their self-released debut single ‘Don’t Wait For Me’ landed at No.8 on the Spotify UK Viral Chart, was playlisted at BBC Introducing, was made ‘Track Of The Week’ on BBC Radio 1, and scored them a deal with Red Bull Records.

Since 2016’s ‘CTRL’ and ‘UNSPKN’ EPs, the intimate grace and rich songcraftsmanship of their sound has bloomed, winning plaudits from NME, The Independent, The New York Times, Spotify, and countless more - as well as lighting up the airwaves, the blogosphere and beyond. These are undeniably symptomatic signs of an unstoppable band.

After their recent, ambitious singles with the blissed-out summer-pop of ‘Forever’ and feel-good alt-anthem ‘Blank Dice’, FLAWES have set their sights on taking their sound even further in 2018 - just a taster of the hotly-anticipated new music the band are currently working on.

“We were always aiming to write ‘alternative pop’,” says JC describing their sound - which with London producer Lostboy (Ella Eyre/Anne-Marie) behind the desk, has drawn comparisons to the likes of London Grammar, Jack Garratt and Daughter - but with loaded with enough intricacies and a completely idiosyncratic character to set it apart.

Nowhere is that more apparent than when on stage - where the flourishes of each member’s talent take their sound to a much more immersive realm. As Huss puts it, “it's a different beast - more of a show.”

“Our music definitely lends itself to bigger audiences and stages. We really open it up, we're not just playing it straight off the record. We're trying to make it as much of an experience as we can.”

It’s working. With larger, ever-swelling crowds at each headline show, you’ll find more and more fans entrenched in ‘the world’ of FLAWES - from the mood and the aesthetic to their evocative and human lyrics. “I’m inspired by past relationships, past experiences, but also other people's lives and stories that I hear,” reveals JC. “If I hear that someone's been screwed over, I'll dig deep into that. I've got a tattoo of a blank dice, which relates to our last single - it's all about making your own luck. The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

That ethos is certainly working for FLAWES, but they’re not ones to burn brightly then fade away. Their roots have kept them grounded, but also given them the drive to stick around. Here are a band that are here to stay.

“We're making music that we're genuinely proud of - we're not writing music to bend towards a trend or appeal to a certain crowd,” says guitarist Freddie. “If you do that, you're old in five months’ time. We're writing songs that we love.”

JC adds: “After our first taste of success, that set the mould for how we wanted to do things from there. So many pipe dreams have come true. Our main goal is to be around for a long time. We're playing the long game and we want to last.”

While the hype may have caught up with them, FLAWES are a band with the ideas, the heart, the talent and the sheer class to match their ambition. They have much more than buzz on their side, as the world is about to discover.


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